Xanax For Depression

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xanax for depression

Effect of Xanax on Brain

It works on a receptor which is called the GABA receptor. GABA usually keeps a sense of calmness is a sedative properties it has muscle relaxant properties that make you feel the good feeling in that way. One may feel the effects for approximately I would say three to four hours, young one and then one many to repeat it at that time to get the effect again and it lasts in your system approximately eight hours or so. So it washes out pretty quickly. Benzodiazepines including xanax can cause cognitive problems over a period of months to years, people can have memory problems you become psychologically and physically addicted to the medication if you don’t take it, you can develop severe withdrawal, you will become restless you will become irritable you will become edgy you won’t be able to sleep, ¬†you may start to have gastric problems, you may feel sweaty you start to lose all of the positive effects of the medication and because it has a short half-life you need to increase it and you need to take it more frequently.

How Xanax Work

In 2014 over 18% of Americans were diagnosed with some form of depression ranging from bipolar to social anxiety, common treatment for depression is the administration of the drug Zanuck. Zanuck is a member of the drug class called, benzodiazepines which are used to treat depression because of their anti anxiety and sedative effects. Zanuck specifically relieves depression symptoms by affecting the GABA receptor in our brain, normally a neurotransmitter called GABA binds moderately well to the gaba receptor when gaba binds to the gaba receptor it allows a small amount of chloride ions to flow through the ion channel however when taking Xanax, Xanax binds to the receptor and changes its shape causing the gaba neurotransmitter,to bind longer to the receptor because gaba is now bound longer more chloride, ions flow through the receptor ion channel this in turn causes inhibition of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis which causes stress relief as well as a large release of dopamine in the,body causing a relaxation and set it to,feeling happy.


Whatever in my humble opinion what is something chemistry that enter our body is sometime can not acceptable. But if you just need it with the advice of doctor and schedule to take the Xanax you can. Because depression is now great-great turbulence in the world. So survive and if you need more help you can comment below.

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