When Does Postpartum Depression Start After Pregnancy

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When Does Postpartum Depression StartPostpartum depression can start anytime the first year after you’ve had your baby and the amount of time it’s going to last will depend on when you seek treatment and what kind of treatment you’re receiving. You may get medication for it or you may need medication and therapy. It kind of depends on the severity of it, now if I don’t know when you had your baby or what kind of issues you’re having but you should know that if you’re having issues, the first six weeks after your delivery that’s normal.

That’s called postpartum blues and that affects everyone who’s had a baby, because your hormones are shifting, then it takes at least about that amount of time for your body to kind of get back to normal so you may feel teary anxious, have you know moments of depression and that’s all normal and should go away by about six weeks.

Now after that point, if you start to have these feelings or if you have panic attacks severe anxiety if you have severe irritability and anger episodes maybe you’re resentful of your baby to the point where you don’t want to care for them and you’re having a hard time bonding or you know worst case scenario you’re having a issue with wanting to hurt yourself or your baby.

Those are all things that need to be addressed immediately, so if it’s within the first six weeks then call the doctor who or the care provider who delivered you and after six weeks then you’ll just want to talk to your primary care physician and they can help you with those issues.

But it is something you definitely need to get addressed because postpartum depression is just like a disease like diabetes. It needs treatment and you can’t overcome it on your own and it is normal to be in denial that you’re having it and try to cope with it. On your own to the point where you get frustrated and maybe even more depressed, because what you’re doing isn’t working so seek help and know that you are normal.

Ten percent of women do get -,postpartum depression they just don’t walk around with signs on them saying that they have issues with it. I hope that everything goes well for you, I hope this information is helpful.

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