The Importance Of Self Confidence To Help Recover From Depression

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Importance Of Self Confidence

Hi everybody we are gonna go ahead and tackle another topic of mental health which is building yourself a steam through affirmations, I hope you guys can enjoy this,and learn from this. And to get started so what is self esteem or self confidence. First of all and why is it so important. Well, self confidence is I’m going to read the definition I like from the book. For psychology is to reflect a person’s overall emotional evaluation of his own worth. It’s a judgment of one’s self as, well as an attitude towards the self and why is it important because one of the classic symptoms of depression is low self confidence or as they say I think it’s excess ever inappropriate guilt and feelings of worthlessness

Self confidence has to come in order. If you’d have the motivation and the courage to do some of these activities, this also might sound self explanatory. But what happens to the self confidence of people that are suffering from depression well as I said before, it’s his plummet so just basically you know,it’s one of the cardinal symptoms of what it is like to be depressed. Well, just no sense of self at all yeah you know, you know what the lowest self-esteem people said it pisses me off,this is me it said that world would be better off without me of course I mean, I have to say that you know my self-esteem has never been great but at least when I was alive I knew there were some people who cared about me but someone says the world would be better off without me.

I mean that person doesn’t think and that’s not true. Anybody’s listening or watching that’s not true there is somebody out there who cares about you,who values you and so you can start to value yourself – absolutely and but that’s also as you know that’s very common way of thinking when you’re severely depressed it’s hard to imagine. You are of any value anymore no matter how and untrue or false that might be,something you might say to yourself as I am a valuable person which comes to your next question right which is how can affirmations help a person with their self-esteem affirmations can be really,beneficial.

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Knowing because they’ve focus on or effect something, called the self-talk man will you all know it self-talk is right so close, conversation we have it in in our heads, that goes back and forth back and forth, so I like to say there’s a yes voice in her head and a no voice in her head not, the big dome no of you but the no voice, negative place right here’s where someone to read some things uh some examples like the yes voice would say I can the no voice would say I can’t write, I can try now I’m afraid to do it I am,good enough you’re no good I can handle, it no I can’t cope you know I’m special, you’re a loser and so you know we have this kind of like playing badminton,tennis back and forth well when you’re,depressed the no voice has the upper hand right so you have to call out the reinforcements and do something to reinforce that yes voice yeah so that’s,what an affirmation is it’s a positive,idea or phrase it used to consciously focus on to basically achieve a goal or have a certain feeling and because they affirm the voice back from a she’s,going to be very very can be very very,potent in helping people to heal from depression because they support that poor little yes voice which is overpowered by the negative voice.

Of course and and this is one of those things that I think for a lot of men. Perhaps even more the so than women, there’s a pride factor and even if they’re really depressed that they almost feel embarrassed to try to say these words out loud well I can say from personal experience and you coach me through this. Doing the action I learned, action and training yourself to do it,does have benefits the way you think,it’s just a matter of basically,admitting that you need help and beat and your sense with you’re willing to try anything. You should try positive affirmations.

That’s for sure okay, so how can we create affirmations to enhance our self-esteem. I’m gonna give a really simple exercise which the viewers can go ahead and do as they listen to me. Do it you know on their own so you close your eyes basically and you think back to a time in your life where you,felt good about yourself okay maybe did a kind deed maybe we did an action were proud of maybe you’ll accomplish, something sure just try to re experience, that in your mind’s eye because remember, in an earlier video we said the mind cannot tell the difference between an imagined experience and a real one. Of course and then I want you as you’re doing that to fill in the following,senses,I am blank like for me when I was in my dark night of the soul yeah I would go back and think I am courageous write. Those words and then you are probably afraid just stop right here.

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So I am blank you are blank just know those words in and then open your eyes and then basically write down each of those,things three times okay I am courageous,Douglas you are courageous I am,courageous Douglas you are courageous, I’m courageous Douglas you are courageous okay and as you read these,words out loud just try to let them,really come in and really embrace them,that they come up like the negative, voice no you’re not challenging talented, just let that voice be don’t give him any attention and come back to the positive again and again until the negative will eventually go away now. A really powerful technique is to again using the principle we talked about so much in these about reaching out,for support getting the help of others,right it wouldn’t be helpful to have, somebody say the affirmation to you so I won’t you do that from you right now.

I want you to basically you’re gonna be the second person voice and say Douglas, you could say like Douglas you are courageous or Douglas you were courageous you can go back and forth. Although affirmations are supposed to be, in the present tense I wants to say Doug, I’m gonna close my eyes just hear you say Douglas. You are courageous Douglas, you are courageous Douglas you are, courageous Douglas you are wickedly handsome okay and now I’m gonna do the same for you. You close your eyes Douglas hey come on man come on I gotta get a buzz okay. Noah you’re a loving person Noah you are a beautiful and loving person Noah you are a loving and wonderful person I felt nice it did I could feel it so try that with your,loved one with your friend with your therapist absolutely go back and forth, and if you’re on the receiving end. Let yourself receive it if you’re on sending in just try to, you know merge for that individual and give them that.

Yeah because you know so much of the we hear in the news is negative when we were growing up so much of our pet and parental voices were negative sure there’s been a lot more negative condition we’ve gotten we don’t deserve it because we are a whole and beautiful beings within ourselves and as that as they say in Buddhism we have a beautiful Buddha nature within us like a Christ, nature and that deserves to be reinforced so are there any other techniques that we can use to increase the the power of positive affirmations, one technique which is really wickedly difficult to do but one of the Guru’s of affirmations Louise Hay who wrote a book called you can heal your life has a huge publishing house and a house she used to tell me in others look in the mirror and say your affirmations I can make eye contact with your soul ooh that’s so difficult no it is and it’s like it’s like to send all the unworthiness all the things I don’t deserve it. Yyou know, you deserve love no no no so to look to, look in the mirror and say it to yourself and make eye contact and really, meet it it’s really hard to hold that,space because so many of us carry feelings of undeserving this and unworthiness but if you can do that if you can push through the resistance and get into the habit people have told me. It works miracles yeah and you know as within so without has in the mind so in the world you will see changes in your life both inwardly and outwardly if you can just look in the mirror and tell yourself what a beautiful person you are. Scanning yourself positive standing the world for positive yeah it’s tough. Try it out oh I’ve done it I’ve done it they actually when I was in rehab it was something they wanted us to try to do and I think I was filled with so much guilt and shame that it was really, really hard to look at so so you know in conclusion taking control of your self-talk and and being in curl control the messages you give yourself instead of the world or your conditioning is one of the best things you can do to recover from depression and to become positive toward your self so you can gain high self esteem.

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