Symptoms of major Depressive Disorder That You Have to Know

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Symptoms of major Depressive Disorder That You Have to Know

Symptoms of major Depressive Disorder – The early sign of major depressive disorder is a change in brain function, especially in people with low self-esteem and who consistently perceive themselves and surroundings with pessimism. Other symptoms include a feeling of melancholy, decreased concentration, diminished desire, decreased memory, decreased appetite and weight loss, loss of pleasure, sleep disturbance, decreased passion and interest, sexual disturbances, decreased creativity, and thoughts about death.

Symptoms of major depressive disorder can also be suffered by people who experience psycho-social stress. For example, you are losing a position. This mental phenomenon is called post power syndrome. Not only that, major depressive disorders are also experienced by people who experience stroke. This makes hope healing depends on depression. Major depressive disorders make the whole body sick, as well as feelings and thoughts, and affect the appetite and sleep patterns the way a person feels himself, thinking about himself and thinking about the world around.

The state of depression is not a sadness that can easily end, nor a sign of weakness and helplessness, or laziness. Those who suffer major depressive disorders will not be helped simply by making them rejoice in comfort. Therefore, therapy is needed for healing. Thus, if you find the symptoms of major depressive disorder on you yourself or other, it is better to find the solution soon. Besides the symptom, it is necessary for to know actually the causes of the depression happen.

In fact, factors that cause a person to experience major depressive disorders include socio-economic status. People with lower socio-economic levels have a greater risk than those with a better level. Another factor is marital status. For example, people who are separated or divorced have a higher risk than married or never married. Meanwhile, a neurologist from Hospital explained, the occurrence of depression caused by imbalance neurotransmitters in the brain. “Usually in neurological diseases that can cause depression is a stroke, or someone who has cancer can also experience depression.

Therefore, so many factors can make a person become depressed. Even one-third of humans have descendants of depression and the nature of depression can be decreased to the child and two-thirds are usually due to environmental factors. For example people who have many problems. It may be for you to know the symptoms of major depressive disorder happen to children because depression is also not known age, even at the age of children can also be affected by depression.

The first thing you can do before depression occur to you, it is better for you to do some prevention. Prevention steps to avoid depression must be holistic, which includes physical, psychological and psycho-social. “Prevention for someone not falling into a state of depression then the ‘immune’ should be improved. To be able to cope with psycho-social stress is a regular and balanced way of life between self and God, others and the environment around. That’s all for the explanation of of major depressive disorder and the causes that can be factor why that mind of depression occur to you. In wish, it can be useful for you as a reader.


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