The Cause of Severe Major Depressive Disorder

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Severe Major Depressive Disorder

Severe major depressive disorder is condition characterized by long-term depression. Children and adolescents with major depressive disorder may be nervous and always sad.¬† The major depressive disorder is a serious mental disorder that greatly affects the quality of one’s life. Major depressive disorder causes periods of depression and long despair, and may deprive the patient of the ability to enjoy activities or relationships that were previously enjoyable. In some cases, depressive episodes appear to be triggered by clearly painful events, but major depressive disorder may also grow without specific stress.

Research shows that first depression episodes are likely to be responses to certain stimuli, and the next episodes are likely to start gradually without triggering. A person suffering from severe major depressive disorder finds job responsibilities and other tasks such as exhausting training and great effort. Mental efficiency and memory are affected, which even causes simple tasks to become cumbersome and annoying. Even the ability to enjoy good food or a good night’s sleep is often lost. For some, the pain and suffering associated with major depressive disorder¬† becomes so unbearable. It has been the highest mortality rate from any mental disorder.

A severe major depressive disorder may be limited to single depression episode. More commonly, this can be a chronic condition with many depressive episodes. Other symptoms that may develop include psychotic symptoms (strange thoughts, including hallucinations and delusional beliefs). Because MDD is a relatively common mental disorder, researchers have conducted a variety of different studies to identify potential underlying causes. Usually three kinds of causes are identified: intrapsychic, biological and environmental.

  1. Intrapsychic

Some people blame themselves for negative experiences while linking positive results with external sources. They may feel unworthy, guilty, and depressed. For example, they may think of their current work as something they gain by chance; at the same time, they may think of being released as something they bring themselves. When these patterns of thinking become commonplace, they result in a self-perceived approach that is worthless, ineffective, and unconscious. In some cases, people take this type of thinking from their parents or other family members.

  1. Biological

One of biological factor studied in humans is the change in the level of neurotransmitters, chemicals that trigger nerve impulses in small gaps between neurons. Differences in the level of some neurotransmitters have been studied over the years because of their importance in the cerebral system of the brain, which is the center of emotion and has many important pathways to other parts of the brain. In depression, a system that regulates the neurotransmitter labeled serotonin does not work well.

  1. The environment.

The environmental theory of MDD causes the role of external events to trigger depression. Based on to this perspective, they become depressed primarily due to unfavorable conditions that are hard to be changed. In some condition, it may include personal loss or environmental disaster such as low gender or race repression, socioeconomic status or unpleasant relationship.

That is all the cause of severe major depressive disorder. It is important to get the best treatment for someone who suffer

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