Recurrent major depressive disorder and Its cause

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Recurrent major depressive disorder and Its cause

Recurrent major depressive disorder – It is not something odd to tell if it is related about depression. It is sure that many people have already experienced it. Sometimes it is not something that make someone shock or afraid. Because depression can occur to everyone even they are still teenager. Actually, depression is a disturbance of the tone of feeling that is generally characterized by a sense of sadness, pessimism, apathy, and loneliness. This is often referred to as sadness, misery and gloom. In general, people experience depression because one of certain events or situations that may be one of them ever you experienced.

People can easy to be depression when they are in the situation such as losing of a loved one, possibly due to death. Next situation is traumatic or stressful events, it can be such as experiencing violence, chronic social deprivation or social rejection. After that, it can because of the chronic physical illness. Further, they can get depression easily because of drugs and it can also from another mental illness that has already been existed before. A person who has depressed parents or siblings will experience an increased risk of depression as well. Thus, recurrent major depressive disorder must be cured by giving the right treatment.

There are many factors that make someone to be depression are as follows, they are:

  1. Genetic factors

The first factor that makes someone to be depressed is from genetic. Evidence of twin studies suggests that if one of the identical twins diagnosed with a depressive bead may be 72 percent of twin siblings will suffer the same disorder. The rate of conformity suffering from depression (40%) is also higher than the number for fraternal twins (11%), but the difference between the two numbers is much smaller when compared to the difference for depressive bead twins. Although the exact depressive causes can‘t genetic factors have the greatest role. Nature disturbance of feelings tends to exist in a particular family. If a family of one of her parents suffers from depression, her child is twice as likely to suffer from depression as well. If both parents suffer from depression, then the risk of getting a natural disorder of feeling before the age of 18 years to 4 times

  1. Biochemical factors

The second factor is from biochemical factor in recurrent major depressive disorder. Existing evidence suggests that our moods are regulated by neurotransmitters that transmit nerve impulses from one neuron to another. A number of chemicals act as neurotransmitters in different nervous systems, and normal behavior requires a careful balance between them.

  1. Environmental factor

Recurrent major depressive disorder can show us that environmental can be a factor for someone who gets depression. Environmental factors such as loss of something, stress, may be the most important cause variable. Because depression can arise in families, depressed children are more commonly found in depressed or more depressed families (more often in mothers). The interactions of depressed mothers in their children can be negative.

That’s all for some explanation about the major depressive disorder. May it can help you to understand well about the depression.

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