Major Depressive Disorder icd 10 code

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Major Depressive Disorder icd 10 code

Definition of Major Depressive Disorder icd 10 code and Its Characteristics

Major Depressive Disorder icd 10 code – When you feel sad, you often think of it as depression. Actually feeling sad is a natural thing you feel. The thing that can make a person depressed is severe psychological pain that lasts longer and may get worse. All depressive disorders will negatively affect and decrease the quality of life of the people who experience it. Major Depressive Disorder is predicted to be one of the causes of disruption of global human function, equivalent to heart disease and HIV / AIDS in the year of 2030.

Major Depressive Disorder icd 10 code usually occurs more frequently in early adolescence and adulthood. It includes unipolar mood disorders. That is, to be diagnosed with MDD, one must experience at least one or more Major Depressive Episodes (MDE). In contrast to bipolar mood disorders that sufferers experience both episodes of depression and manic. MDE lasts for 2 weeks or more and the individual will suffer some or all of the following symptoms such as they will constantly sadness or anger as always, then they will feel guilty and worthless, and they will loss of interest in the activity even the previously popular and social interest is reduced.

Not only that, others symptom that may happen to someone who infect major depressive disorder icd 10 code are they will be easy to be tired, then they will be difficult to focus or experience despair, their appetite also easy to changes such as irregular eating or overeating. Further, they also repeatedly behave to commit suicide or death. There are also specific characteristics of people that is experiencing of major depressive disorder such as follows:

  1. Changes in Emotional State: Changes in Mood (feeling moody, sad and mourning), irritability and temperament
  2. Motivational Changes: feeling unmotivated, decreasing interest in social activities, decreasing interest in sex and failing to respond to praise
  3. Change in functioning and behavior: behavioral response to motor stimuli that become slow from the usual, changes in patterns or sleep habits
  4. Cognitive change: difficult concen- tation and clear thinking, negative thinking about oneself and his future, always feeling guilty, low self-esteem, thinking to die or suicide

Furthermore, when it comes to talk about major depressive disorder icd 10 code, you have to know about icd. It is the International Classification of Diseases in the long term. It is the world’s standardization medium to summarize mortality and morbidity data. Organizing and informing health codes used for statistics and epidemiology, resource allocation, research, health management, monitoring and evaluation, primary care, treatment, and prevention. It helps to give an overview of the general health situation of every country and population.

It is being developed in ICD Version 11. It is being developed through an innovative, collaborative process. For the first time, WHO calls on the experts and also users to participate in the revision process of web-based platform. The result will be a classification based on user input and needs. That’s all the explanation of major depressive disorder icd 10 code and its symptom. Expecting much it can be useful for all of the reader.

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