Major Depressive Disorder Icd 10 And Its Symptoms

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major depressive disorder icd 10

Major Depressive Disorder Icd 10 – Talking about depression, it is sure that every person has already felt it. It is kind of illness that come from life problems or other that may be stay for short or long term. Before discussing more about the depression, it is better to know what major depressive disorder that is often experienced by many people in the world which is started from teenager, adult, and mature. In medical term, major depressive disorder is called by depression. It is a kind of someone’s mood disorder that can affect his feelings, mindset, and the ways how to deal with his daily activities.

Usually, when in depression condition, a person will feel hopeless, sad, worthless, and even they will lose interest in many things he used to love and it can make him blame himself for it. It usually happens all day and at lasts for at least about 2 weeks. Depression is different from the temporary unhappiness. However, due to misconceptions and considered equal to the usual sadness, this disease is often considered trivial. In fact, depression is a serious illness that can encourage sufferers to commit suicide. Thus, it is better to look for some best ways in giving treatment of depression by looking at major depressive disorder Icd 10.

If you haven’t known about ICD-10, here a short explanation of icd 10 that is related with major depressive disorder. It is kind of a system that is used by physicians and also other health care providers to encrypt and classify all of the diagnoses, symptoms, and also procedures registered with hospital in the US. Besides find more some information from major depressive disorder Icd 10, it is better for you to see some symptoms of depression thus you can learn how to cure or prevent it. Here the symptoms of depression that you can see are as follows.

During that period the symptoms of depression occur almost all day and almost every day and may include:

  1. Feelings of sadness and emptiness
  2. An outburst of anger and frustration even over the little things.
  3. Difficulty in sleeping or may they who are depression will sleep too much or too little that is called by insomnia.
  4. Loss of fun or interest in daily activities, such as breakfast or shopping.
  5. Tired all the time and lack of energy.
  6. Restlessness and anxiety to sit still or worry too much
  7. Slower in thinking, talking even in body movement.
  8. They often loss of appetite and weight or they sometimes will increase appetite and gain weight.
  9. Feelings of guilt or worthless, self-blame for things you do not bear, fixed on previous failures.
  10. Difficulty concentrating, focusing, making decisions and remembering things.
  11. Thoughts of death, thoughts of suicide.
  12. Unexplained physical problems, such as headaches.

Further, it is also better for you as a reader to know the difference of men and women depression condition. It is due to that they have little different behavior in some cases. However, as said before you can look up in the major depressive disorder icd 10 to find more about the information of giving treatment for someone who has depression. That’s all, may it can be useful.

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