Icd 10 Code For Major Depressive Disorder and Its factor

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icd 10 code for major depressive disorder

Icd 10 Code For Major Depressive Disorder – When it comes to definition of depression, it is a common condition in society. According to research, depression occurs in 80% of people at some time in their life and can occur at any age. Depression is more common in women than in men. Depression is a condition that can be caused by several factors, among others. They can come from genetic, for example is people with a family that has history of depression are more likely to be depressed than those who do not have a family history of depression.

The next cause is from the brain chemistry. Here people with depression have different brain chemistry than those who are not depressed. Further, depression also is able to come from stress. Stress can appear from losing a loved one, there is a problematic relationship or it can be a stressful situation that can lead to depression. In fact, depression occurs more often in adolescence, around the age of 20s or 30s, but depression can still occur at any age. Women are more likely to be diagnosed with depression than men, but this may be because women are usually more likely to seek help and treatment.

Therefore, for all of the reader especially woman, please keep your brain stay calm and find the solution soon when you have a problem such as having broke relationship with the couple. To know more about the criteria of depression and other information about it, you can read a book that contains icd 10 code for major depressive disorder. Actually, depression that often occurs to people in medis is same with the major depressive disorder.

There are many factors that can increase the risk of suffering from depression, they are:

  1. The first is having a family that has history of mental health disorders, they are as like anxiety disorders, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and eating disorders.
  2. The second factor is abuse the alcohol and illegal drugs.
  3. Then it can come from the personality traits, it is like low self-esteem, self-critical or it can say pessimistic, and dependency.
  4. having chronic or serious illness also make someone getting frustrated and depression, the example of chronic illness are cancer, heart disease, stroke, and chronic pain.
  5. Traumatic or stressful events, such as sexual violence, death, or loss of a loved one or financial problems
  6. Has a blood relationship with people with depression, bipolar disorder, alcoholism, or attempted suicide

From those factors you can star to find the best ways to treat and cure your depression and one of them by knowing icd 10 code for major depressive disorder. If you do not know what icd is. Actually, icd is the short of WHO’s International Statistical Classification of Diseases and it related to Health Problems. It is a comprehensive and internationally recognized classification system. The function of it is used for statistical purposes of mortality and morbidity. That’s all for the explanation of icd 10 code for major depressive disorder. May you can take use of it.


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