How To Not Be Depressed While Pregnant

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how to not be depressed while pregnant

Having been pregnant before, I can relate to women who say that pregnancy is just raining physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually especially during the first trimester because you’re nauseous. You may or may not be throwing up, you’re just so tired and this can naturally make you feel a little bit depressed. You lack energy and motivation to go anywhere or do anything and you may start to feel yourself naturally detach from friends and family a little bit, till you’re like 16 to 20 weeks and you start to feel better and all of this can cause you to be a little bit depressed.

But depression in and of itself is not a symptom of pregnancy it’s not normal and it’s not something you have to endure so if you notice that you’re depressed to the point where you don’t want to care for yourself and you have other children that you don’t want to care care for if you have obligations like work that you just don’t want to fulfill. If you feel like it’s affecting your relationships with family and friends to the point where they’re also withdrawing from you, if you’re having panic attacks anxiety, talk with your doctor and after asking more specific questions they’ll decide a further investigation or treatment is necessary and usually that comes in the form of medication and/or therapy in addition to medication and therapy there are things that you can do from home, you may not feel like it but exercise can do wonders for you.

So if you weren’t exercising prior to getting pregnant, just start by walking each day for 15 to 20 minutes and slowly increase it to about a half hour per day. You can also pick up the pace a little bit just getting out and getting some fresh air and exercising can make you feel so much better about yourself. Also make sure you’re eating enough, you’re drinking enough and that you’re taking time out for yourself, go get a massage sit down and read a good book just do something that helps you relax and make a conscious effort to do something for 15 to 20 minutes for yourself each day.

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