How To Not Be Depressed At Work

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How To Not Be Depressed At Work

Today is how to overcome depression at work similar materials you might need would be a quite place piece paper and pencil or a journal in order to reflect and to b ,able to record your thoughts depression like the other three blocks our happiness anger, anxiety and guilt are really more nothing more than reflections of thoughts.

If you want to change how you feel, you change how you think. We’re talking about depression at work, we want to build a term in one or the stressors that you’re depressed about work-related are they personally related if they’re work-related, oftentimes they’re practical problems. Emotional problems what you’ve done is taken a practical problem and create a kind of an emotional overlay if you can reduce that emotion then you’re going to be much more effective in reducing the practical problem at in the work setting.

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So how do you overcome the emotional overlay, but first again remember that thinking drives feelings, so if you don’t thinking or feeling the way you wanted to feel then you gotta look at the thinking is driving it. We have an ABC structure in order to do that A activating event the stress or B believes what you think see the consequence, how you feel and behave.

So it’s not the A activating events or the stress or a ,work this driving that emotion. More importantly at your thoughts about that so you look at the thinking is driving at and determine whether the thinking is rational or irrational. If you determine its irrational and replace it with a more rational thought and then work in practice that continuing to change that. That is how you can reduce your depression systematically till it absolutely disappear.

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