How To Not Be Depressed At School

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How To Not Be Depressed At School

Tips of how to not be depressed at school anymore

Studying while battling depression is one of the hardest things to do. It’s difficult enough getting out of bed but depression steals away your energy, motivation and concentration. It’s like having a cloudy memory and struggling to survive each and every day. How can you possibly get through school while dealing with depression.

1 .Use a planner depression leads to disorganization and foggy memory.

In school it’s critical to remember when you have assignments, presentations and tests. Bring a planner with you to your classes and write down everything you need to remember so you won’t forget anything or end up brushing an assignment last minute to study and do homework on time. Studying without motivation is hard but by doing a little every day you can lower your stress levels. There may be days when studying feels impossible but if you studied a bit every day before that it’s okay to take a day off once in a while when things get really rough.When you have depression having some free time to rest is essential.

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2. Divide your study material into small chunks and review it continuously over long periods of time.

This will increase your chances of learning the material, additionally review each lesson before starting a new one for don’t pull all-nighters by staying up all night. Your depression will worsen and the symptoms will become more severe suicidal thoughts may also increase drastically. Instead organize your schedule in a way where you’re not staying up all night to complete your assignments.

3. Take breaks don’t study or do homework for hours on end depression lowers your energy and if you don’t take breaks in between study sessions you will burn out.

The trick is to study for 30 minute intervals with 10-minute breaks in between. Every one’s a little different though so test out different time schedules to see what works best for you and adjust the intervals accordingly.

4. keep a binder or notebook, people with depression can have trouble staying organized by buying binders or notebooks and using dividers.

It’s easy to separate your study materials. This will allow you to feel less overwhelmed

5 .Stay away from negative people.

It’s already hard enough to stay optimistic with depression so surrounding yourself with pessimistic people won’t help you. It’ll bring you down and affect your school performance. Remember you are studying, so you can have a career you love so spend time with people who support you and push you towards your goals.

6. When life gets hard consume brain foods, depression makes you crave junk food and even though it’s okay to treat yourself.

Every now and then don’t make a habit out of it instead stay away from sugars, stay hydrated and eat nutritious food, which will increase your energy and improve your focus.

7. Find a study buddy, figure out which one of your classmates is more responsible and stick to them.

Create study groups where you can ask each other questions but be careful of lazy students who may try to use you as their pessimistic nature will affect your mood,

8. Highlight people with depression can easily feel overwhelmed especially when they’re taking a course with lots of material.

When you feel stuck by different color highlighters to divide, the material by main topic subtopic, important information etc.

9 Take care,of yourself and find hobbies.

If all you do is study you’ll feel more depressed, so don’t forget to treat yourself. Take some time to pursue hobbies and practice self-care to improve your overall mood, watch a movie or eat at your favorite restaurant. Have fun with friends, take a breather and then you can continue studying.

Society puts a lot of pressure on students especially when it comes to their studies. Remember your mental health comes first and grades don’t define you failing of course doesn’t make you a failure we’re all human so don’t feel bad if you need to take a break to regain your mental health. How are your experiences with school, do you have any other tips that may be helpful. Let us know in the comments below.

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