Dsm 5 Major Depressive Disorder and Its symptoms

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Dsm 5 Major Depressive Disorder

Dsm 5 Major Depressive Disorder – In the psychodynamic theory, depression is self-directed anger rather than loved ones. The anger resulted from the loss of loved ones or the threat of losing loved ones. The anger that makes a person depressed is a pathological mourning because the individual has strong ambivalent feelings (a combination of positive (loving) and negative (angry, hostile) feelings toward the person who has gone or who is dreaded by his departure. guilty so that it prevents the individual from directing anger directly against an object (loved one).

A person who lost his loved one or feared his departure would first introspect or bring within (a mental representation) the one who abandons it and then anger is directed to himself (self) so that one feels resentful to himself (self -hatred) that will lead to depression. Depression is also associated with individual cognitive variables. When faced with a stressor, people who have failed to solve problems and feel hopeless are more likely to experience depression. In medical, depression is also called as major depressive disorder. Depression often occurs to people who are in teenager age and adult. However, you still find the best way in cure it by looking at dsm 5 major depressive disorder.

The way adventure is also affected people’s depression that affecting them. People who use active means of solving problems are less likely to get depressed than those who avoid problems. Depression can also occur due to lack of fun events or otherwise, too many unpleasant events occur. When the life of someone who feels pressured, he will withdraw from his world and feel the routine life becomes chaotic. This disorder can increase symptoms of depression and make it difficult for people to solve their problems effectively. In time, this will lead to secondary problems such as social relationships and work difficulties that can sustain and even exacerbate depression.

Several studies have shown that most depressive episodes are preceded by severe life events six months before the onset of the episode. Thus, if you have find the symptom of the depression, you have to find the best way to cure it by reading many sources such as in the Dsm 5 major depressive disorder. In this case you will find many kind of depression with their symptoms and also it will be different in giving treatment. Usually, people will become depressed when they are powerless to control reinforcement in their lives and feel guilty for the helplessness. Thus, the interaction between negative life events, coping ability and attribution of a person’s coping ability affect a person’s likelihood of depression.

Here primary prevention that you can do in giving treatment for someone who has depression is as follows for the explanation. Counseling about positive self-image can be one of the efforts of prevention of major depressive disorder, especially in adolescents who are at vulnerable age of depression. Then it can be done also the strengthening of protective factors such as social environment, cognitive, or problem-solving ability of a person. Then, try to relieve the symptoms. That’s all short explanation about dsm 5 major depressive disorder. May it will be useful.

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