Causes Of Major Depressive Disorder and Its Symptoms

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Causes Of Major Depressive Disorder

Causes Of Major Depressive Disorder – It is not something that people never heard anymore when it talks about depression. As you know, people easy to depress. They are able to have difficulty concentrating, then they will lose weight, and also they eat more or less than usual. Further, they may have trouble sleeping or sleeping longer than usual. They may feel tired and have no energy to work or play. Then, small burdens or obstacles may not be manageable. The person may appear to be slow or restless and restless. The symptoms of depression especially major depressive disorder can be very visible to others.

The most painful symptoms of this disease are the unshakable feelings of unworthiness and guilt. The person may feel guilty for a specific life experience or may feel guilty in general unrelated to something in particular. If the pain and self-criticism become big enough, they can cause feelings of despair, self-destructive behavior, or thoughts about death and suicide. Most people who suffer from major depression do not try or commit suicide, but they are more likely to do so than people who are not depressed. Thus, before giving the treatment you have to know first what the causes of major depressive disorder that people have at this time. Do not only see the symptom then directly give the treatment but take deep analyze to them.

The minds of people with severe depression are often colored by dark moods. For example, pessimistic ideas may not be appropriate to the reality of the situation. Sometimes, thinking of depression is distorted enough to be called as psychotic which person has some difficulties in recognizing reality. Sometimes, depressed people develop delusions (wrong beliefs) or hallucinations (wrong perceptions). Everything that happen which show you the symptoms the depression whether it is major or minor, whether it will get worse or not, it is better having some consultation to the psychologist or doctor that best in mental is very needed in order to take the best cure of them. Sometimes to know about causes of major depressive disorder is necessary.

Primary care physicians or mental health professionals can usually diagnose depression by asking questions about medical history and symptoms. By definition, severe depression is diagnosed when a person has many symptoms listed above at least two weeks. Many people with depression do not seek evaluation or treatment because of society’s attitude toward depression. The person may feel depressed is his mistake or may worry about what others will think about.

Further, depression itself can distort a person’s ability to recognize the problem. Therefore family members or friends may need to encourage depression sufferers to seek help.  There are no special tests for depression. However, it is important to be evaluated by primary care physicians to ensure symptoms are not caused by medical conditions or treatment. Whatever the symptom that appeared, just finding more the causes of major depressive disorder. It is because actually it has not known yet exactly the cause. The main point, the causes can be from the condition that they have. Or it can be from their traumatic life experiences and it can be also from their genetically condition or even because of disease or inherited conditions.

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